Ego Investments

Today I cut my hair; I went from a full head of hair to almost nothing. Which brings me to today’s topic of ego investments.

Ego investments are objects, ideas, people, anything really that you stake your ego on. The ego investments being who you are, not your principles; these investments exist outside of you. My hair was one of those things for me. I considered my hair an integral part of my person, and a definition of who I am. I thought it made me more wise, intelligent, and many other things. Now, to the people in my life, they probably thought it had some bearing as part of “who I am”, but that’s exactly why I had to take this next step.

It played a significant role in how I defined myself, and a little bit on my personal view of myself. But, I am not my hair; my hair is not the source of my power, or character. I am more than the external investments I’ve made. However, I will say without it, it;s very uncomfortable — annoying even. But, it teaches a valuable lesson.

With, or without my personal ego investment — it becomes very easy to see, the true power is within and is cultivated by my will, principles, and drive for self improvement.

I’m sure everyone has their own ego investments, do you think you could go without it? feel free to share your thoughts below I’m curious.

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